Intelligent Transportation Systems

Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)

Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)

Managed Lanes

Smart Parking Systems

Traffic Monitoring Systems

Transportation Systems Management & Operations

Arterial/Freeway Management

Parking Management

Road Weather Managment

Special Event Management

Traffic Incident Management

Work Zone Management

Smart Infrastructure

4G/5G Cellular

Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC)

Fiber Optic Networks

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Secure Network Connectivity

Multimodal TECHnologies

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) / Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

Intelligent Crosswalks

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Mobility Hubs

Pedestrian Detection Systems

At SpectrumHaven we provide professional engineering design and consulting services to implement technology solution seamlessly within the fabric of our transportation network infrastructure. From Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Transportation System Management & Operations (TSM&O) solutions to the Telecommunication network architecture designed used to support these implementations. We not only specialize in traditional transportation technologies but also have expertise in the planning and design of emerging technologies such as Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and Smart Mobility implementations. Our goal is to deliver quality design solutions that not only meet or exceed our client’s expectations, but also enhance the Quality of Life of all within the communities they are deployed.

One Road for All

At SpectrumHaven we embrace the core design principle that our transportation networks should serve not only vehicle traffic, but all of the increasing and emerging modes or transportation available.  The concept of a Complete Street should translate into a complete solution focus on serving all of its users.  It is only in this approach where all patrons are considered that all the necessary variables can be considered in an effort to achieve the common goal of zero fatalities on our roadways – Vision Zero.  There may not be one solution to achieve this goal, but we believe it should start with the concept of “One Road for All”.

Inspiration Drives Innovation

TECHnology facilitates Innovation… and it is our Inspiration – founded in our desire to reach our fundamental goals, that drives this Innovation. At SpectrumHaven our goals are centered around our core principles: the implementation of TECHnology soluitons through secure design practices to improve the Quality of Life of those in the community. It is our hope and goal to provide increased social equity, improved resources and access to those resources to those within the communities we touch as a first step towards improving their Quality of Life. This is what drives us and inspires us to provide innovative TECHnology solutions to our partners and communities.