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premier provider of secured holistic TECHnology solutions


At SpectrumHaven our unique perspective and approach to the incorporation of “TECHnology” in our solutions is not solely focused on the “ology” root-word meaning which speaks to the “science of” or “theory of”, but also our definition of the “TECH” – Transformative Enhancements Connected Harmoniously.  The combination of the appropriate technologies seamlessly blended with one another can transform a simple design into a work of art; and it is our firm belief that art has the power to transform and elevate as well as inspire. It is upon this platform of impactful design that we develop solutions meant to enrich the communities around us and empower their residents through the realized benefits.

Quality of Life

At the core of all our design solutions is the fundamental desire to improve the Quality of Life for the members of the communities we engage with through our project efforts.  To this end we incorporate a continuum of technologies specifically selected and tailored to the identified needs and requirements of each engagement. A clear understanding of where you are planning to go is required to forge the path forward that ensures you get to your intended destination.  At SpectrumHaven we understand that these defined needs and requirements are our directional markers along that journey.

Secure Design

In the midst of our ever evolving and advancing information technology driven society we at SpectrumHaven are cognizant of the increasing presence of “bad actors” and the associated threat vectors.  Our design Haven focuses on the development of secure solutions through the use of best practice policies and procedures which are incorporated throughout the entire life cycle of the project – from inception to completion.  We understand that data has value and information is a commodity and so the transport of this valuable information comes with the responsibility of safeguarding it both in transit and resting.

Our hope is through the various collaborations we have with our clients that we can help to improve the communities we work in and in doing so help to enhance the lives of their residents.  At SpectrumHaven we truly believe that when TECHnology is utilized correctly the desired benefits are not only achievable but boundless with the capability to improve the Quality of Life of all involved.