Building TECHnologies

Building Management Systems

Electronic Access Control Systems

Intercom Systems

Mass Notification / Announcement Control System

Video Camera Surveillance System

Critical Infrastructure (CI) Design

Detention Centers

Energy Plants

Judicial Centers / Courthouses

Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)

Smart City Frameworks

Implementation Road maps

Smart Buildings

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Mobility

Smart Security

Technology Architecture

At SpectrumHaven we not only provide your typical engineering design services… but also have the expertise to provide professional consulting services that include technology assessments and vendor-agnostic solution recommendations based on the latest market research. We utilize these core competencies to help our clients maximize their existing capital technology and infrastructure investments while formulating a cost-effective road map to incorporate needed upgrades and enhancements. We focus on building the frameworks utilized to structure open-architecture solutions that allow our clients to implement technology solutions across platforms and agencies in order to fulfill their business goals and objectives. This provides the foundation for breaking down existing data silos in order to build up and fortify the information sharing policies and procedures that will allow departments and agencies to maximize their resources through secure data collaboration which is at the heart of smart implementation initiatives.

Business Intelligence

Today’s newest currency is data.  With the millions of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors being deployed worldwide the amount of data being collected is astronomical.  Knowing the value of this data, every agency wants to be the stewards of the data that their sensors collect.  At SpectrumHaven we believe that the true value is found in the information that is generated from the aggregation and correlation of the raw data resources that results in it becoming usable and actionable.  The first step is accomplishing this is to remove the established data silos and develop architectures and frameworks to ensure the right be have access to the proper resources. Business Intelligence starts with the right business resources.

Secure Convergence

At SpectrumHaven we realize that we no longer live in a world where all of the information technology resides solely with IT. With the increasingly intelligent devices being deployed across all business units the security technology landscape has extended its boundaries into both Operational Technology (OT) systems and Physical Technology (PT) systems. These three components comprise the Security Ecosystem. To develop a comprehensive technology enhancement solution there must be a convergence of these three pillars which each provide a vital component to the overall picture.