Our design and consulting services encompass both interior and exterior technologies employed at airport facilities ranging from large hub commercial airports down to general aviation airports and all categories in between.  From security technologies to network architecture and infrastructure, our goal is to elevate the overall travel experience via innovative secure solutions.


From the design of Smart Buildings technologies to advanced system integration within Critical Infrastructure and Government complexes, we facilitate the implementation of innovative solutions to securely optimize business and operational performance across both existing and proposed platforms.  We specialize in performing technology assessments that enable the coordinated break down of information silos in order to maximize facility resources.

Intelligent Mobility

Mobility for the masses requires transportation solutions that consider and incorporate ALL available modes of transportation focus on ALL populations within our communities.

SpectrumHaven’s goal is to provide solutions that focus on the social and safety benefits achievable for the diverse mixture of patrons that utilize our transportation network in an effort to improve the Quality of Life of the residents of our communities.


Seaports across the world face the issue of balancing the demand for transporting both cargo vessels containing goods as well as cruise ships and other vessels carrying passengers.  At the heart of this is a logistics solution required to ensure the safety and security for these various forms of precious cargo.  At SpectrumHaven, we work collaboratively with our seaport partners to ensure the proposed technology solutions facilitate their overall mission success.

Engineering Consulting

Experienced Engineering Consulting Professionals


Qualified Information Systems Security /Physical Security Systems Design


Certified Inside Plant (ISP) / Outside Plant (OSP) Communications Design