Command & Control Centers (C3)

Disparate System Consolidation

Emergency Management TECHnologies

TECHnology System Convergence

Video Wall Design

Virtual TECHnologies

Data Centers / Telecom Rooms

Entrance Facility (EF) Design

Inside Plant (ISP) Design

Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) Design

Main Distribution Frame (MDF) Design

Network Architecture Design

Outside Plant (OSP) Design

Facility Security TECHnologies

Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS)

Intercom Systems

Mass Notification TECHnologies

Public Address System Infrastructure (PASI)

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Parking Management

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems

Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS)

Parking Garage TECHnologies

Surface Lot TECHnologies

Smart Parking Systems

Wayfinding Systems

At SpectrumHaven we provide professional engineering and consulting services tailored to enhancing the overall customer experience, whether that customer be an internal or external client to the seaport. Our understanding that seaports and not solely revenue generators focused on the transport of people and/or goods, but also the quality of service provided surrounding this interaction. From the security of the cruise terminals and parking facilities to the telecommunication network utilized to support the various technologies deployed across the campus, we understand that they are all extensions of the common goal – excellent customer service. To that end it is our goal, no matter the scale or complexity of the solution, to also lead with the question of how will this improve the customers over experience to ensure the proposed solution results in an enhanced customer experience.

Precious Cargo, various Packages

It is said that gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  At SpectrumHaven our focus is assisting in the safeguarding of these gifts in their various forms.  From the gift of a communications network that supports all of the technology deployed throughout the campus to the cruise terminals that provide entry and exit to the most important gift – the patrons and passengers, all of these gifts come in different packages that have their own distinct requirements. Our approach to design is to embrace a holistic perspective inclusive of these gifts to seamlessly integrate our solutions to accommodate the goals and requirements of our clients

All Aboard… Welcome Home

At SpectrumHaven we understand the customer-driven focus embraced at the various seaports across the nation. Whether that customer is a cruise passenger, a cargo shipper, an internal client, or some other external client the focus remains consistent – to provide exceptional client service. It is always our goal to provide that same level of service to our seaport clients as well. Starting with our shared customer-first philosophy we understand that all security and TECHnology enhancements must be centered around improved customer service in all its various forms to ensure the smoothest transition from All Aboard to welcome home.