Palm Beach County Wi-Fi Pole Installation

Palm Springs (Unincorporated)

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Pole IDPrimary Roadway:Potential AddressPCN No.Repsonsible Authority Utility Permit No.Reviewer AssignedStatusMOT Permit No.Reviewer AssignedStatusNotes:
1Dillion St4923 Dillion St00424424090000410Palm Beach CountyUT57559 Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
2Todd St4662 Todd St00424424080150010Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
3Clinton Blvd4861 Clinton Blvd00424424100006920Palm Beach CountyUT57752Submitted 04-13-2021)
4Clinton Blvd4645 Clinton Blvd00424424100006470Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
5Clinton Blvd4365 Clinton Blvd00424424100005910Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
5AClinton Blvd4365 Clinton Blvd00424424100005910Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
5BClinton Blvd4365 Clinton Blvd00424424100005910Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
6Fern St4128 Fern St00424424170000130Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
7Broadway St3116 S Military Trl00424424040000400Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
8Kelly Dr4650 Kelly Dr00424413070000200Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
9Sussex Ave4368 Sussex Ave00424413040010110Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
10Sussex Ave4130 Sussex Ave00424413230000470Palm Beach CountyUT57753Submitted 04-13-2021)
11Lakehaven Rd2592 Lakehaven Rd00424413120030210Palm Beach CountyUT57754Submitted 04-13-2021)
12Daphne Dr2381 Daphne Dr00424414110240220Palm Beach CountyUT57769Submitted 04-13-2021)
13Lynn Dr2375 Lynn Dr00424414060210010Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
14Taylor Ln2358 Taylor Ln00424414050130250PrivatePending Utilities
15Caroma Ln2386 Caroma Ln00424413000003600Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
16Sunrise Dr2386 Sunrise Dr00424413000003150Palm Beach CountyUT57641Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
17W Bond Dr2119 W Bond Dr00424414180360180Palm Beach CountyUT57642Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
18Major Dr2126 Major Dr00424414650020000COURTESYUT57755Submitted 04-13-2021)REGULUATORY AUTHORITY = COURTESY
19Bonnie Dr2121 Bonnie Dr00424414070000090PrivatePending Utilities
20W Carol Cir2120 W Carol Cir00424413100000210Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
21Acacia Ln4591 Acacia Ln00424413030010261COURTESYPending Utilities
22State dr4369 State Dr00424413010030070Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
23N Chatham Rd1876 W Chatham Rd00424411060260160Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
24Cinnamon Dr5666 Cinnamon Dr 00424411020030050Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
25Abbey Rd E5030 Forest Hill Blvd 00424411380020030PrivatePending Utilities
26Saratoga Rd4967 Saratoga Rd 00424412290000750Palm Beach CountyUT57757Submitted 04-13-2021)
27Woodland Ave1638 Woodland Ave 00424411070000060Palm Beach CountyUT57774Submitted 04-13-2021)
28Julie Tonia Dr1618 Julie Tonia Dr 00424411040000910Palm Beach CountyUT57756Submitted 04-13-2021)
29Palm Hill Dr5011 Palm Hill Dr 00424411130010000PrivatePending Utilities
30Woods Bnd1618 Woods Bnd 00434407170000141Palm Beach CountyUT57758Submitted 04-13-2021)
31Wildfire Way1406 Ranchette Rd 00424410000001510PrivatePending Utilities
32Gene Cir1470 Summit Run Cir 00424411210000891PrivatePending Utilities
33Edward Rd4310 Edward Rd00424412060000151Palm Beach CountyUT57643Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
34Success St4087 Success St00424412130000180Palm Beach CountyUT57644Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
35Happiness St3951 Happiness St00434407080001011Palm Beach CountyUT57759Submitted 04-13-2021)
36E Libby Dr1371 E Libby Dr 00434407160030060Palm Beach CountyUT57645Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
37Rose Cir1338 Victoria Dr 00434407100240010Palm Beach CountyUT57760Submitted 04-13-2021)
38Holt Rd4661 Holt Rd 00424412040000061Palm Beach CountyUT57646Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
39Forest Rd4396 Forest Rd 00424412020000610Palm Beach CountyUT57647Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
40Collin Dr4160 Collin Dr 00424412150030080Palm Beach CountyUT57761Submitted 04-13-2021)
41Collin Dr3738 Timberline Dr 00434407200010000Palm Beach CountyUT57649Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
42Collin Dr3944 Victoria Dr 00434407240000222Palm Beach CountyUT57650Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
43Arlington Dr861 Arlington Dr 00424402030000080Palm Beach CountyUT57651Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
44Lee Dr5641 Lee Dr 00424402060000060COURTESYUT57762Submitted 04-13-2021)
45Harpers Ferry Blvd887 Sumter Rd W00424402140000490Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
46Harth Dr858 Harth Dr 00424401120000720Palm Beach CountyUT57652Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
47Mango Dr859 Mango Dr 00424401150000720Palm Beach CountyUT57653Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
48Kirk Rd830 Kirk Rd00434406000007020Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
49Arlington Dr611 Arlington Dr 00424402040000110Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
50Chase ct5650 Chase Ct 00424402010001090Palm Beach CountyUT57654Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
51Cannon Way5260 Cannon Way 00424402250000430Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
52Cannon Way5144 Cannon Way 00424402300000010Palm Beach CountyUT57763Submitted 04-13-2021)
53Harth Dr679 Harth Dr 00424401130000160Palm Beach CountyUT57655Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
54Gardenette St4693 Gardenette St 00424401000007400Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
55Tellin Ave4352 Tellin Ave 00424401050000470Palm Beach CountyUT57656Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
56E Shadyside Cir342 E Shadyside Cir 00424402090000060PrivateUT57764Submitted 04-13-2021)Needs to be RELOCATED
57Bosque Ln5875 Bosque Ln0042440212Palm Beach CountyUT57657Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
58Bosque Ln5015 El Claro N00424402130000030Palm Beach CountyPending Utilities
59Springfield Dr4910 Springfield Dr00424401180000780Palm Beach CountyUT57658Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
60Miss Piney Rd4309 Miss Piney Rd00424401110000440COURTESYUT57765Submitted 04-13-2021)
61Pine Way Trl390 Pine Way Trl 00424401100000190COURTESYUT57766Submitted 04-13-2021)
62Gondola Dr117 Gondola Dr 00424402000001130COURTESYUT57767Submitted 04-13-2021)
63S Katrina Cir124 Irving Way 00424401080030070Palm Beach CountyUT57659Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)
64Sunset Ln4648 Sunset Ln00424401000003020Palm Beach CountyUT57662Under Review (Submitted 03-30-2021)