Palm Beach County Wi-Fi Pole Installation

North Atlantis (Unincorporated)

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Pole IDPrimary Roadway:Potential AddressPCN No.Repsonsible Authority Utility Permit No.Reviewer AssignedStatusMOT Permit No.Reviewer AssignedStatusNotes:
1S Military Trl5173 S Military TrlPalm Beach County00424436080080030 Site Visit Pending
2Waterway Dr4306 Waterway DrPalm Beach County 00424425020000070Site Visit Pending
3Waterway Dr4952 Kirkwood RdPalm Beach County00424425130010160Site Visit Pending
4Gulfstream Rd3703 BROOKLYN LN (Behind The P/L On Westside)Palm Beach County00434430011170035Site Visit Pending
5Melaleuca LnCondo CommunityPalm Beach County18424425400120000
6Filer Rd4354 Melaleuca LnPalm Beach County00424425160000010Site Visit Pending
7Melaleuca LnTBDPalm Beach CountySite Visit PendingRELOCATED - OH FPL issues on both sides of Meleuca Ln. Recommend moving west to SE corner of Lehto Ln and Melaleuca Ln
8Mulberry StTBDPalm Beach CountySite Visit PendingRELOCATED - Not sufficient ROW on Mulberry Rd. Recommend moving west to the 917 Mathis St
9Davis Rd4682 Davis RdPalm Beach County00434430010890041Site Visit PendingRELOCATED - Needs to be moved due to OH FPL issue on west side of Davis Rd. Recommend east side of Davis Rd
10Emerald Vista4614 Emerald VisPalm Beach County 70434430170080020Site Visit PendingRELOCATED - Needs to be moved due to OH FPL issue and no ROW on east side of Melaleuca Ln. Recommend corner of Emerald Vis and Melaleuca Ln
11Holly Lake DrCountry Homeowner’s AssocPalm Beach County00424425210050000Site Visit Pending
12TBDPalm Beach CountySite Visit PendingRELOCATED - Needs to be moved due to no ROW on either sideof Maine St. Option 1: Northeast end of Mee Ct to the south. Option 2: Fuller St two streets north on southside
13Kirk Rd4615 Maine StPalm Beach County00424425000005660Site Visit Pending
14Coconut Rd4509 Coconut RdPalm Beach County 00434430010750030Site Visit PendingRELOCATED - Needs to be moved due to no ROW on side road off Coconur Rd. Recommend moving north to west side of Coconut Rd
15Nicia WayCenter Park AreaCity of Greenacres18424425190010000Site Visit Pending
16S Military Trl4374 S Military TrlPalm Beach County 00424425410120000Site Visit Pending
17Violet Cir4391 Violet CirPalm Beach County00424425230060100Site Visit PendingRELOCATED: Flows Way is a private road
18Kirk Rd4438 TULIP CT (Behind East P/L)Palm Beach County00424425220040040Site Visit Pending
19Gulfstream RdGulfstream Rd/Briggs DrPalm Beach CountyUtility easementSite Visit PendingRELOCATED: Not sufficient ROW on Gulfstream Rd. Option: Move south to the end of Gulfstream Rd (verify if this is a utiltiy easement)
20Davis Rd4462 Davis RdPalm Beach County 00434430010570040Site Visit PendingRELOCATED: Moved to the west side of Davis Rd, because west side doesn't have sufficient ROW and OH FPL issue.
21URQUHART ST217 Urquhart StPalm Beach County00424425080020180Site Visit Pending
22206 Randolph Ct / 4187 Sherri CtPalm Beach CountySite Visit PendingRELOCATED: Current pole location is in the backyard of property. Recommend moving to west: Randolph Ct or east: Sherri Ct
23Herbertz Rd4157 FOSS RD (Behind West P/L)Palm Beach County00434430040000231Site Visit PendingMay need to move to front of 4157 since ROW on Herbertz appears limited. May need to move west to Gulfstream Rd
24Coconut RdTBDPalm Beach CountySite Visit PendingRELOCATED: No ROW on Coconut RD on either side.
25Mar Mark DrMar Mark Dr/Leisure LnPrivate00434430010050020Site Visit PendingRELOCATE: Area is private, unless this is trailer park